Think Right – Right Brain Education for Kids in India
India's First Right Brain Education Program

The Think Right program employs early learning methods which nurture the brain and develop synergy between both sides of the brain leading to superior whole brain development.

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This is a unique program which deploys fun and enjoyable curriculum and activities to stimulate the brain right from early childhood.

The right brain is your creative, intuitive, photographic best friend. The left brain is your logical, linear and methodical best friend.

Now imagine your child who has not one, but two active best friends for life who will work in sync with each other. To me, this is the best gift you can provide to your child.

Yes, that is where we at The Think Right program will take you through the journey.

We will provide experiences to children through developing an ear for international music, exposure to multiple languages, speed reading, speed listening, eidetic memory, photographic memory games, intuitive games, leading to strengthening of certain circuits in their brain.

Think Right believes that "Cells that fire together, wire together."

Through our 55 mins, weekly lesson, we will infuse playful techniques to stimulate your child’s right brain, hence balancing out the lop sided left brain education being provided in our schools today.

Highlights of our program

Maximizing brain capacity by making most neural connections through fun and enjoyable stimulation.

Developing a trained brain making it friendly to figures, images, formulas, facts, sequences and particularly abstract knowledge.

Activities to achieve Audio-based eidetic memory ability

Special Instructions technique learnt from Japan to activate the children’s brain to make them whole brained learners when they grow up

Activities at Think Right

ESP Games

Telepathy, Hand reading, Clairvoyance

Eye Training

Stacking blocks, mirrored image and rotational imagery, image-based sequential memory, blocks with different shapes

Photographic Memory Games

Image memory, word memory, color Mandala, visual spatial memory, speech memory, multi-sensory memory, short sentence training, linking memory

Speed Reading

Reading at speed levels2x,4x,8x, Mathematical Speed Reading

Speed listening

speech memory through the use of directions and colors.

High Speed Flash Cards

fast recognition of a variety of right-brained and whole-brained images, spot the difference, understanding up and down, left and right

Music Appreciation

Foreign languages exposure, international music appreciation, bilingual stories

Pattern Recognition

Puzzles and blocks, reconstruction of a variety of patterns

IQ Tests and Reasoning Skills

Maze, shadow image, rotational imagery

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Left-right hand activation, balancing, hand-eye coordination, small motor skills, rhythmic play, space jumping, imitating physical movements and so on.