The Speed-yoi

Framework for

Right Brain Growth


Tale of Magic and Wonder

At ThinkRight, we recognise the pivotal role parents play in shaping not just their children’s academic success but also their holistic development. By embracing right brain education, we tap into the innate abilities of every child, fostering creativity, emotional intelligence, and intuitive thinking. Our mission is to empower every child with enhanced learning capabilities, making them ‘Ten’sai’ – geniuses – through their formative years.

1. The Speed-yoi Framework for Right Brain Development

Meticulously curated speed activities designed to stimulate the brain’s right hemisphere by enhancing memory, intuition, creativity, and empathy (MICE).

2.Why Right Brain Development Matters?

By harnessing the power of the right hemisphere of our brain, our program inspired by renowned Japanese learning techniques accelerates and complements formal education, providing a holistic approach to learning.


the Fun with Our Exciting Activities

Experience the transformative power of our Speed-yoi framework through a range of engaging activities:


Young Minds with a Rich Array of Programs

Explore our range of programs tailored to different age groups and learning styles. With small class sizes and personalized attention, our programs ensure each child receives the guidance they need to thrive.

Why We're Your Best Choice

Attention to Every Child

Small class sizes of 6-8 students per batch ensure personalized attention and care.
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Proprietary Material

Our curriculum is crafted from relatable everyday content that engages and inspires children.
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Operating from the Heart

We operate with strong values of honesty, loyalty, hard work, and empathy, nurturing a supportive learning environment.
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Trusted by Parents

With strong testimonials and a high repeat rate, parents trust us to nurture their children's potential.
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Specially Trained Teachers

Our educators are specially trained to deliver our proprietary curriculum with expertise and passion.
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Pioneering Right Brain Learning

Since 2012, we have been pioneers in bringing right brain education techniques to India, with a proud family of over 10,000 ThinkRight alumni.
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What Parents Love About Us

Discover the stories of parents and students whose lives have been transformed by the ThinkRight approach. Hear firsthand accounts of the impact of our programs on academic success and overall well-being. 

Rajiv Patel

Parent of Maya (Age 3)
ThinkRight has truly exceeded our expectations. Maya has always been a bright child, but since joining the program, her intuition and empathy have grown by leaps and bounds. The engaging activities have made learning fun for her, and we've noticed a significant improvement in her ability to focus and retain information. The teachers are incredibly supportive, and we're grateful for the positive impact ThinkRight has had on Maya's development.
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Neha Sharma

Parent of Aarav (Age 5)
Enrolling Aarav in ThinkRight was one of the best decisions we made for his development. Not only has he shown remarkable improvement in his memory and creativity, but he's also become more confident and expressive. The small class sizes ensure that he gets the attention he needs, and we've seen him blossom into a curious and enthusiastic learner. Thank you, ThinkRight, for nurturing our son's potential.
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Sunita Singh

Parent of Rohan (Age 6)
As a parent, seeing your child thrive academically and emotionally is incredibly fulfilling. ThinkRight has been instrumental in nurturing Rohan's holistic development. His memory recall has improved significantly, and he's become more creative and imaginative. The Speed-yoi framework has not only accelerated his learning but has also instilled in him a love for learning. We're grateful to the dedicated team at ThinkRight for their commitment to our child's growth.
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ThinkRight Sessions in Action

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of ThinkRight with our classroom experience videos. Get a firsthand look at our engaging and interactive sessions.