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Explore our diverse range of tailored programs designed to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and empower lifelong learning in children.

Tensai Glimpse

Experience a transformative 1-hour demo session firsthand, where your child will delve into the realms of speed, memory, and intuition. Witness the power of our Speed-yoi framework in action and discover the potential it holds for your child’s holistic development.

Tensai Spark

Ignite your child’s curiosity and creativity with our collaborative 1-hour showcase at partner locations. Along with an immersive experience, your child will receive a mini workbook designed to further enhance their learning journey.

Tensai School

Empower your school with our ThinkRight right brain program tailored specifically for educational institutions. Activate the MICE (Memory, Intuition, Creativity, Empathy) aspects through our Speed-yoi framework, fostering a dynamic learning environment that nurtures holistic development.

Tensai MICE
(Intro Course)

Embark on a 12-week journey to activate MICE through Speed-yoi! This introductory course offers a comprehensive overview of the ThinkRight right brain program, with 1-hour sessions each week. Watch as your child’s cognitive abilities flourish, setting the stage for future success.

Tensai Unleashed
(Full Course)

Unleash the full potential of your child’s right brain capabilities with our 15-month journey through Speed-yoi! Dive deep into our complete ThinkRight right brain program, featuring 1-hour sessions every week. Watch as your child’s memory, intuition, creativity, and empathy reach new heights, laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Tensai Extender
(Refresher Course)

Keep the Speed-yoi momentum going until your child reaches 7 years old! Our flexible refresher course offers 1-hour sessions weekly for 12 months, ensuring that your child continues to thrive and excel in their right brain development journey.


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