Find answers to common queries about our services, policies, and educational approach to ensure a seamless experience for you and your child.

ThinkRight is an education brand focused on right brain development through innovative techniques like the Speed-yoi framework, which enhances memory, intuition, and creativity, complementing traditional education.

ThinkRight programs cater to children between the ages of 0 to 7 years, targeting crucial developmental stages. Batches are divided based on the age of your child.

The Speed-yoi framework is a method inspired by Japanese techniques, designed to stimulate the right hemisphere of the brain, improving memory, intuition, creativity, and empathy.

ThinkRight classes are structured to be engaging and interactive, incorporating activities tailored to enhance right brain development. Children can expect a mix of music, games, and sensory experiences in each session.

You can enroll your child in ThinkRight programs by dropping your details on our website or contacting us directly at Thinkright222@gamil.com  or calling at +91 92897 14417. Our ThinkRight guides will give you all the information about the Program, Fees and the Batch timings. You can even take a Demo ‘Tensai Glimpse’ with us at our centres. 

ThinkRight welcomes children of all abilities and backgrounds. Our programs are designed to be inclusive and adaptable to meet the needs of every child.

ThinkRight programs focus on holistic development, enhancing cognitive skills, creativity, and emotional intelligence, which has proven to positively impact academic performance and overall well-being.

There are no specific prerequisites for joining ThinkRight programs. We welcome children of all skill levels and backgrounds.

ThinkRight teachers undergo specialized training to deliver our curriculum effectively. They possess qualifications in early childhood education and have a passion for nurturing children’s development.

Yes, parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s learning journey with ThinkRight. We provide resources and support to help parents understand our approach and actively participate in their child’s development.